Our Community

Welcome to the Village of High Cedars – the hidden gem of the Orting Valley. Developed in the early ‘70s from an established bulb farm, the golf course fast became a popular place to spend the day. Homes started going up in the early ‘90s in a community that has been carefully maintained to display the original beauty of the area. Mt. Rainier dominates the area with its magnificent beauty and shows a different face every day. Wildlife abounds, with everything from deer, coyotes, rabbits, ducks, geese and our very own eagle nest on the championship course with at least one or two eaglets in the nest every spring. We are bordered on the west by the Puyallup River and on the east by the Carbon; both rivers offer good fishing in season and the trails around the community and along the levees make for lots of interesting hikes. We are a very warm and friendly community welcoming all.

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